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EZ Dental Practice Marketing is definitely NOT your everyday breed of dental consulting company. Sure, we help dental teams understand the areas of their practice that were not taught in dental school; but there is a huge difference in our approach.

For starters, the owners have been successful in multiple business models and industries for many years. That is important when you think of the kind of advice you want for your own dental practice. Think about it this way… how many consulting companies can show proven success across many business types and categories?

We want to be the easiest company with which you do business and will strive to ensure our interaction is always positive, efficient, cost effective and gets the results you want! Please contact us today to set up your free phone evaluation and needs assessment.


We’ve been writing everything from printed advertising to radio and TV ads for many years and have a vast experience with traditional marketing. However, are very proud of our emphasis on social media and all the newest forms of electronic connections with current or potential patients!


Best practices, supply chain management, workflow analytics and customer base analysis are just a few of the areas our experience can help you make the most out of your dental practice efficiency and profitability.


Getting the most out of your highly functioning, cohesive dental team is what every dentist wants. We can help you do that with training and development programs to bring your team to the next level and beyond. What’s more, we can teach you how to sustain that path when we are not there.

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service to your patients does not have to be a great mystery. We have taught offices of all types how to make their patients feel important and that you are the easiest office to do business with!

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