Dental Mobile Websites

"The majority of internet usage will be done via a mobile device and for most people the mobile web will be their primary, if not their only, way of experiencing the internet. " - Peter Rojas

It may be strange to think of a dental practice as the recipient of an “impulse phone call” but it happens. Prospective new patients think of their dental needs at different times of the day and night, and not always when they are sitting at home in front of a computer. Think of the mobile online user as a person who wants to find you NOW…when they are on the go! 

Since about 90% of smartphone users access the Internet with their phones (and the number of smartphones sold each year continues to rise), having a mobile website is almost as important now as a regular one.

Let EZ Dental Practice Marketing help your patients and prospects quickly and easily find you anywhere with a mobile website.

We will create an optimized mobile site that ensures you – not your competitors – capture new patient attention while you have it. We will integrate maps, click-to-call features and even forms that feed directly into your practice management software! This will make finding and contacting your office easy and provide a fantastic way for you to capture new patient data.

Haven't Gone Mobile Yet? We Can Help! Contact Us Today!

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