What is your dental niche?Most people think that if you’re a dentist, then you’re a dentist. What I mean by this is that people don’t always recognize that dentists may have a specialization. I’m not talking about professional specialization but rather about the thing which makes you stand out from the rest. While you may be providing general dentistry and not something as specific as orthodontics, you most certainly can set your practice apart from the rest. If you view it from a marketing standpoint, it’s a must for you to carve your own niche and be unique from the dentist down the street. Here are some ways that you can do just that:

Know what sets you apart and know it well.

As much as you would like to provide excellent services in each part of the dental health care spectrum, the reality is you most likely will never be able to do that. But that’s okay! Knowing what you can do (and do well) is more important. Whether you’re considered the community go-to for orthodontic braces or veneers, make sure that you know what you do best and capitalize on it whenever you’re marketing your practice.

Include the name of your practice everywhere.

The saying, “out of sight, out of mind” goes for businesses too. Why do you think Coke, Apple and other huge brands have their names displayed on almost every block? This is to keep you thinking about their products. You can recreate this very same marketing strategy by simply including the name of your practice on everything that you hand over to your patients and prospects. Having a logo also helps solidify your brand.

Stop worrying about the competition.

Some marketing companies will tell you to imitate the things which your rivals are doing because if they’re doing it and they’re still in business that means that they’re making money out of it. But why would you base your entire marketing strategy on the same strategy as your competition? Instead, focus on what sets you apart and on how you can improve your services instead. In order for your marketing campaign to work, it should reflect your services; adapting someone else’s strategy would be counterproductive.

Your marketing strategy should always be on how different and unique your practice is from the rest. The sooner you can set your practice apart from the competition, the stronger your marketing campaign becomes.

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